Welcome to my website!  

Here are a few links to some of the current projects keeping me busy!  

 New Aluminium and Laminate Collection

I launched this range just before Christmas 2019. I have now added to the range and introduced some new colourways for Christmas 2020. You can see the full collections here.

Making Felt Bags book cover

Making Felt Bags

Writing this book has been one of my lockdown projects and kept me busy during that difficult period. It is ow available to buy! You can find it on sale here.

 Coronavirus Scarf

Looking for projects to keep me occupied, plus a way of making some money as I am no longer able to teach, I have designed this scarf. I have written a tutorial so you can make one yourself, which I can email to you for the bargain price of £7.50. If you are interested, please get in touch via my contact form.


I have been developing my teaching virtually, delivering workshops via Zoom.  It is definitely a different way of teaching but a great way to learn new techniques – you can find more details here. If you are interested in any of my techniques and would be interested in tutorials or online courses, then do get in touch.

Discontinued Lines

I  am having a tidy up in my studio so I am selling off some of my discontinued lines – why not grab some bargains – once they’re gone I won’t be making any more! I have listed the pieces in my jewellery gallery.

Comfort Felt Brooch

Comfort Brooch

I have had plenty of time this year to improve and develop my feltmaking skills. Inspired by a comment I heard recently – ‘if you touch something good, you feel good’, I have been experimenting with these small sculptural forms, which can be worn as brooches so you can play with them to soothe your nerves.